How to Use Amazing Oils Magnesium

How to Use Amazing Oils Magnesium Products - Inner Organics

How to use Amazing Oils Magnesium products, Australian made & 100% organic, can be used for a range of different remedies and in different locations of your body. It really is amazing!

Back/Neck Pain

Rub into affected areas as often as required.


Apply to lower back, behind knees and tops of feet 20 minutes before bed (ages 3 months to 5 years can use Baby product range).

Restless Legs/Cramps

Rub into affected areas 10 minutes before sleep and/or as often as required.


Rub into neck and shoulders each morning, or apply directly to the site of pain.

Joint Pain

Rub into affected areas as often as required. Works for your pets too!


Apply in the morning under arms, inside elbows, behind knees and in the evening to your lower back and tops of feet.

Post Workout/Doms

Rub Recovery product range into major muscle groups (or affected areas) pre and post activity.

Skin Health

Apply Skin product range to required areas as needed.

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